ENZACTA we know how important your pet is to you; we understand that your pet plays a valuable role in your life and within your family. We also realize that just like any family member, one of your main concerns is your pet's health and well-being. This is why we have made your pet's happiness and health, as well as your peace of mind, our mission. 

Like your health, external factors can over-time begin to affect the basic nutrition of animals. Pesticides, chemicals and production processes can lead to malnourishment. This can be the reason behind many of the illnesses animals suffer from today.

                                                          Examples are: 

• Poor sugar levels in the blood has increased in both cats and dogs. 
• Illnesses related to the joints, along with allergies are at an all-time high. 
• Some breeds are beginning to lose their pedigree because of degenerative genetic diseases. The life expectancy of our pets is now lower than before.

Generally speaking, animals have complex immune systems that protect them from aggressive environmental factors so they tend to have a much faster and effective response against bacteria and germs found in their surroundings. But, there may be times when your pet's health is compromised. By adding a supplement to their daily diet that creates excess energy in the cell, your pet will have the ability to heal more rapidly.