How is it to be used?

If your pet's health is compromised either physically or emotionally, if its experiencing longer healing time from injuries, lacks energy, has weak bones and fractures, a lack of appetite and motivation, perhaps this is a sign that your companion needs additional help in finding the correct balance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. 
One of the advantages of
 alfaPXP PET FORMULA, is that it can become part of your pet's daily diet without having to change their eating habits. It can be consumed without the supervision of a veterinarian and does not alter the original properties of other foods. 

Recommended Use: 

Sprinkle or mix with pet food. For prevention, give one dose (see chart below) per day. May be given up to three times per day for pets suffering from a medical condition.

Weight of animal                   Dosage
Up to 20 lbs.                           ¼ teaspoon
21 - 40 lbs.                              ½ teaspoon
41 - 80 lbs.                              ¾ teaspoon
81 - 100 lbs.                           1 teaspoon
Large animal over 100 lbs. (horse, farm animal, etc.) 2 teaspoons

How  to USE alfa  Pet  Formula