UNDEW Facial Serum ... An Anti-Glycation Breakthrough! UNDEW Facial Serum is an exclusive and innovative antiglycation product created with European technology. Specially formulated for ENZACTA, this product helps to reverse the damage and signs of premature aging due to glycation. Used daily, skin will have a healthier appearance and glow. 

Proven results ... Look younger in just 60 days.

 Clinical study participants, on average, reported having: 44%  less facial fatigue 

51%  less fine lines and wrinkles

37%  less under eye bags

27%  less dullness in complexion

65%  more firmness

40%  less under eye circles

*Results may vary depending on lifestyle, age and physical make-up.

How to use?

Apply to a clean and dry face, neck and under eye area, gently massaging until completely absorbed. For best results, apply in the morning and at night before your moisturizer and/or sun block. Safe for all skin types.