Frequent Questions

1. What is Alfa PXP?
A: A BioReady Nutrient Whole Food Powder made from specific grains of rice with a small, yet powerful amount of Pacific Ocean blue-green algae called Spirulina. By combining these two “super foods,” a synergy is created offering you highly-absorbable, second-generation amino acids, numerous antioxidants, plant-based vitamins and minerals and energy-forming polysaccharides peptides (alphaglycans). These target premature aging and build lasting mental and physical vitality and health.

2. What are AlphaGlycans?
A: Micron -sized Amino Acids bonded to complex polysaccharides. When combined, they make tiny nutrient complexes that are easily absorbed by your cells due to the fact that they recognize them as BioReady super-fuel, which you just can’t get in a modern diet. This super-fuel is pumped directly into cellular mitochondria - the “power plant” of your cells, responsible for the cells’ ability to self-strengthen and repair. Researchers have referred to the mitochondria as “the fountain of youth within every cell”.

3. What are Bio Ready Nutrients (BRNs)?
A: Enzacta Prides Itself on having BioReady Nutrients®- (BRNs) in all their supplements.
BRNs are nutritional complexes extracted, concentrated, and naturally-enhanced for better bioavailability. Through patent-pending and proprietary technology, Enzacta formulates high-quality products that contain key ingredients (BRNs) known for their health-promoting properties. With Alfa PXP, Enzacta uses the latest in cutting-edge digitally-controlled manufacturing technology when extracting the essential nutrients from ordinary rice. This space-age technology captures the vital nutrients in each grain of rice, extracting them safely to create a bioavailable powder easily recognized and quickly absorbed by your cells.

The 3-Step Process for creating Alfa PXP includes:

Rushing the ordinary rice grains from the fields to the FDA-approved factory and placing them in specially-designed extraction units.
Through a bio-activation process called “alpha-glycanization,” the ordinary rice grains are then converted into polysaccharide peptides (PXPs) using nano-technology and mechanical hydrolyzation producing functional characteristics that your cells and DNA recognizes.
Finally, the PXPs are perfectly blended with Spirulina.

4. Why is the rice in Alfa PXP is so unique?
A: Thailand has won several global awards for the quality of its rice. The highest quality rice comes from the Siam Valley, specially selected by Enzacta’s top rice DNA experts who constantly seek out the most potent rice strains from within the region. The experts verify that the rice is grown in soils that have never been polluted with pesticides or chemical fertilizers.  Each rice field is closely monitored to ensure that the rice is harvested at exactly the right time for maximal nutritional content. It takes approximately 100 pounds of rice to make a pound of product.

5. Alfa PXP is a potent antioxidant. Why is that so important?
A: Anti-oxidation neutralizes free radicals. Free radicals are dangerous particles that rip through your cells and cellular DNA, and are responsible for causing cell damage, mutation and even death. It is this damage that is linked to Syndrome X and almost every type of cell mutation, cardiovascular challenge, neurological dysfunction, blood sugar imbalance and degenerative disease.

6. What is Syndrome X? 
A: Syndrome X is Nutritional Disease caused by eating the wrong foods. It generates massive amounts of cell-damaging free radicals. Syndrome X can remain hidden for years, masquerading behind the symptoms of other conditions like fatigue, mood swings, achiness and poor concentration and memory. Known as the “modern-day plague”, it is estimated that up to 50 percent of the American population has already fallen victim to Syndrome X.

7. What is the best way to take Alfa PXP? 
A: Take 1 scoop daily for maintenance or 2-3 scoops daily for health challenges. It can be taken with or without food, best when mixed in warm to hot water or beverages. Infants and small children can take half the adult recommended dose.

8. Can I take Alfa PXP with other medications?
A: Although Alfa PXP is a safe whole food, it is always recommended that you check with your doctor first.

9. How long does it take to feel the effects of Alfa PXP ? 
A: It is possible to feel immediate effects, but most Alfa PXP users report positive results within four weeks.

10. What are three things that many doctors recommend to improve your health?
A:  Eat a diet rich in whole, fresh foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean meats;
Get 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day; 3. Use Alfa PXP daily for a super-boost of powerful antioxidant nutrition.